Besides creating unique, one of a kind, hand-made pieces, Vish also accepts repair work. Known for his attention to detail, Vish attracts repair work from his customers and other jewelry establishments. 


Design and Manufacturing | free quotes In-store

We are able to create custom-designed gold or platinum pieces to your specifications.  A customer may feel free to bring in any photograph or hand-drawn material to aid Vish in the design of the piece. Prior to casting a custom-made piece, we provide a wax mold of the design for approval to the customer.  We are willing to work with any scrap jewelry you might have to create your piece.


Repairs and Rebuilds | free quotes In-store

Whether it's a stone that needs to be reset, a missing prong, a broken clasp, break in a chain or ring, or something in a severe state of disrepair, we can repair it for you. Again, we are willing to work with any scrap gold you might have in order to repair your jewelry in a cost-efficient manner. Have beaded jewelry? Worry not.  Our jewelry repairs include the restringing of beads and any other small miscellaneous repairs.


We can replace batteries in watches including, but not limited to, Citizen, Swiss Army, Seiko, Fossil, and most other analog or digital watches. We also  provide watch band replacements, can remove or add links, and can get most face crystals replaced.

Professional Services

In order to compliment the wide range of craftsmanship Classic Jewelers has to offer, Nadira is able to provide the responsible jewelry owner with regular jewelry integrity checks to meticously detailed appraisals for all valuation needs.


Appraisals  | Starting at $60.00 per peice (comp tidbit)

For insurance purposes or other circumstances, we are happy to provide appraisals on whatever jewelry you might have. Our appraisals include pictures of the said piece, description, gold weight, stone value, and the piece's retail value.


Jewelry Cleaning  | Complimentary while you wait in-store for service

While you wait, we are more than happy to clean your jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner till it sparkles again! Additionally, we will check for any missing or loose stones on your jewelry. We encourage all our customers to bring in their jewelry to be checked and cleaned so please do!